Thursday, July 20, 2006

Some beautiful things.

"Some beautiful things are more impressive when left imperfect than when too highly finished." -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I finished my adventure on Mt. Langley's summit. It was a lovely day amongst the alpine flowers, trees, rocks, marmots, and clouds.
It felt good to be hiking. To discover another 14er. I am still obsessing about Mt. Williamson. Time to let it go. Time to go home.
Strange to feel the familiar difference inside.
Start: 8:48 am
Summit: 2:17 pm
Car to car: 10 hrs 8 mins

Thank you to everyone who encouraged, believed, funded, sponsored, strategized, drove, climbed, and supported my dream.
It has been such fun!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

14 - 14ers in 9 1/2 days! Hans quickie

I bet Jacqueline is typing away right now or eating breakfast in Bishop. Just in case it's the later, I'm putting in this quick post for her. - SHE DID ALL 14 and is done with this adventure! She finished up with Langley yesterday, Monday, topping out at 14:15 and getting back to Lone Pine around 19:00 for food and a beer. Way to go incredi-wife/lover/mom/adventurer!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Guest blogger Peter Coward reporting on Sunday's climbing. The goal was to do Russell, then Whitney, then Muir. Jacki set a fast pace from the trailhead, avoided getting lost in the devious lower section of the North Creek trail, and had us at the Whitney-Russell col around 7:30am. GI distress (mine) delayed us for a few minutes before we stashed our packs and set out for Russell. An hour of the usual loose scree and steep sand had us at the base of a short but cool 3rd class section, and shortly thereafter the summit. We retraced our steps back to the packs, I dealt with an additional bout of GI turbulence and we headed for the N. Face of Whitney. After yet more delays on my part, Jacki, wearing crampons, kicked steps up a reasonably steep snow field and I followed in my running shoes armed with ridiculously ineffective instep crampons and our only ice axe. An exciting exit onto rock, 200 feet of somewhat interesting 3rd class and we were on top. Muir was next, and we celebrated our third 14er tick with a Chile Verde GU (dinner leftovers squeezed out of a ziploc bag). After yet another brief delay in open view of the trail, we set off down the Whitney Trail to Whitney Portal and beer, burgers and fries. An all-time day in the mountains and Jacki's 11th, 12th and 13th 14ers this week. Only Langley is left......

Final stats:
Start @ 4:05am
Summit Russell 9:36am (5:31 elapsed)
Summit Whitney 1:03 pm (8:58 elapsed)
Summit Muir 2:12 pm (10:07 elapsed)
Finish at 6:17 pm (14:12 elapsed)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Peter & Jacki's excellent adventure.

Today, Peter and I summitted Middle Palisade in 6 hours 1 minute. He actually got to the top about 5 minutes ahead of me but, this is all about me so..... : )
Our round trip time was 11 hours 8 minutes. Great weather, snow, mountain and partner. I'd call this a mega classic day. I have an awesome photo of Peter's 6'6" frame stretched out in the back of my truck murmuring something that sounded like, "Bivy here now." He has somewhat revived after a Negro Modello (sp?), chilli verdi, and Cherry Garcia ice cream. Tomorrow we go after Russell, Whitney, and Muir in a push. The forecast is good and we are psyched!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Hans has his revenge.

Hans had his revenge. I got completely worked from our jaunt into the Palisades. Five 14,000' mountain summits in 14 hours 49 minutes. Today I am really resting. Legs are feeling a little stiff and my feet are pretty fluffy. It was all worth it. There is nothing like some Sierra peak bagging! Yeah! The weather was perfect. Nice and still on the summits. Total car to car time was 21 hours 39 minutes. I have never been so tired. On the descent, there was a point where I was lying face down on the snow.
My friend, Peter Coward, has just showed up. He is going to do Middle Palisade with me tomorrow. After that we plan on going for Russell, Whitney, & Muir in a day. Hans is on his way home tomorrow to take care of our babies. Maybe he got a bit tired, too.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mr. Florine needs a rest day!

Yesterday, I wore Hans out on Split Mountain. The man was begging me for a rest day. So , I relented and spent the day organizing, doing laundry, and swimming. Hans slept.
Tomorrow is a big day. We will be doing Thunderbolt, Starlight, N. Palisade, Polemonium, & Mt. Sill. I am feeling very strong. No damage yet. Just a wee bit of swelling in the feet. (The approach to Split is looooong and steep!) My stategy to minimize the accumulated damage from day after day of hiking and climbing has been to power walk (not run) all of the downs, no matter how easy things seem. Hopefully, I'll finish feeling great!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Get Ready!

Miracles have occured, again!
Last Saturday, I found someone I trust to take care of my precious babies for 4 days and 2 half days. Thank you so very much, Barb. Because of you, this is all possible. That gives me Hans, the ultimate guide, for 4 full days.
Then, I got home this morning and opened my mail. A sponsor sent me $500! It was from my mother-in-law, Maryann!
In her note she writes, "I'm very proud of you as a wonderful wife to Hans and mother of my grandchildren. I have the utmost respect for your training, running, and climbing accomplishments." Thank you Maryann! Wow! And that covers my kid care costs. : )
All of the last minute preparations cut into my training time in the mountains. But, I managed a bit of training at altitude this Fourth of July weekend.
Yosemite Valley to Clouds Rest: accumulated elevation gain of 5785, max elevation of 9930. 21 miles in 8 hours, 16 minutes. Training weight 20 lbs.
Glacier Point Road to Ostrander Lake: accumulated elevation gain of 1645, max elevation of 8560. 12.4 miles in 4 hours 19 minutes. Training weight out bound 18 lbs. Training weight in bound 35-40 (estimate). I helped an injured hiker by carrying her packweight to the trailhead.

So far, there seems to be lots of snow in the Sierras and clear forecast.
The start date: 7/8 on Mt. Shasta. My best boyfriend, Mike Ayon, will meet me in Bishop at 11 pm, Friday for the drive up to Shasta. This allows for a 8-9 am start up the mountain on Saturday. Then he will drive me back down to Bishop (8-9 hour drive) to start Tyndall/Williamson or Langley. Yes, I am gonna be tired! : )
From now on, I plan on doing some pool recovery, rest, eating, packing, and trail conditions research.

I can't resist thinking about the CA 14ers!

I have decided to quit this project about 8 times, so far.
Sometimes, it seems that there are too many obstacles to surmount.
But, I can't resist thinking about the CA 14ers!

walking in my husbands footsteps

Let me tell you how I came to take up this adventure.
In 2003, my husband did all of California's 14,000 foot mountains (except for Mt. Williamson, which was closed to protect the big horn sheep breeding season).
This record setting feat took 3 days, 12 hours, and 11 minutes. I was at home with our newborn son and our 2 1/2 year old daughter.
Hans would call me from the summit of each climb so that I could share in the adventure.
I got so caught up in the excitement of his amazing quest that on the final day, I packed up my two little ones for a blitz up to the trailhead of Mt. Shasta, his final peak!!
We made it just in time to see Papa run to the support car! He was sooooo surprised!
Luckily, my children weren't too abused by the long through drive! : )

My husband is an elite athlete. But, I didn't let that fact deter me from dreaming of doing the same thing.
I am proud to walk in his footsteps! Even if at a substantially slower pace! : )
This July 8th, I will be setting the women's speed record on all of the 14ers, including Mt. Williamson. (I plan on doing it before the closing on July 15th.)
I have allowed 9 days.
I just have one question for everyone, "Will you grind for it?!!!"
I am saying,"YES!"

Love to you all,