Friday, July 14, 2006

Hans has his revenge.

Hans had his revenge. I got completely worked from our jaunt into the Palisades. Five 14,000' mountain summits in 14 hours 49 minutes. Today I am really resting. Legs are feeling a little stiff and my feet are pretty fluffy. It was all worth it. There is nothing like some Sierra peak bagging! Yeah! The weather was perfect. Nice and still on the summits. Total car to car time was 21 hours 39 minutes. I have never been so tired. On the descent, there was a point where I was lying face down on the snow.
My friend, Peter Coward, has just showed up. He is going to do Middle Palisade with me tomorrow. After that we plan on going for Russell, Whitney, & Muir in a day. Hans is on his way home tomorrow to take care of our babies. Maybe he got a bit tired, too.


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Keep it going my friend and keep us posted! Be safe and take it all in.


FETTKE said...

Absolutely amazing! The first thing I did this morning was to check your progress. I'm psyched, inspired, and thrilled for you. The good energy is still flowing from us to you. Big love from the Fettke Clan!

Hans Florine said...

Yes, J was face down in the snow, but that is safe glacading technique.

steve edwards said...

all i've been doing is riding my hippie bike in the heat. this sounds like soooo much more fun. way to go, j!