Sunday, July 16, 2006


Guest blogger Peter Coward reporting on Sunday's climbing. The goal was to do Russell, then Whitney, then Muir. Jacki set a fast pace from the trailhead, avoided getting lost in the devious lower section of the North Creek trail, and had us at the Whitney-Russell col around 7:30am. GI distress (mine) delayed us for a few minutes before we stashed our packs and set out for Russell. An hour of the usual loose scree and steep sand had us at the base of a short but cool 3rd class section, and shortly thereafter the summit. We retraced our steps back to the packs, I dealt with an additional bout of GI turbulence and we headed for the N. Face of Whitney. After yet more delays on my part, Jacki, wearing crampons, kicked steps up a reasonably steep snow field and I followed in my running shoes armed with ridiculously ineffective instep crampons and our only ice axe. An exciting exit onto rock, 200 feet of somewhat interesting 3rd class and we were on top. Muir was next, and we celebrated our third 14er tick with a Chile Verde GU (dinner leftovers squeezed out of a ziploc bag). After yet another brief delay in open view of the trail, we set off down the Whitney Trail to Whitney Portal and beer, burgers and fries. An all-time day in the mountains and Jacki's 11th, 12th and 13th 14ers this week. Only Langley is left......

Final stats:
Start @ 4:05am
Summit Russell 9:36am (5:31 elapsed)
Summit Whitney 1:03 pm (8:58 elapsed)
Summit Muir 2:12 pm (10:07 elapsed)
Finish at 6:17 pm (14:12 elapsed)


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hey girl!

Almost there, can't wait for details in person!!

You rock

Love to you

Hans Florine said...

wow! that's a super time. You cats did Middle Palisade the day before, cool! Peter be safe on your drive back to the bay! Sorry the instep ice pointy things didn't do you better.

mara said...

JackI I am sooo psyched for you and totally in awe! Way to go girlfiend! Mara

FETTKE said...

Awesome Jacki!!!! We are super psyched and super proud. Way to rip it up.

Love, Rich & Kathy

steve edwards said...

is it true ayon is minding the basecamp with wild turkey? ned and i may come up for a spot of climbing. what's all this crampon hullabaloo? will track spikes work? how about golf shoes? would the face first glissade work between whitney and russell?


Barb said...

Just got your call!

I'm so proud and amazed at what you have accomplished. I'm glad I was able to help by letting you focus on what you needed to, knowing that your babies were being very well taken care of!!

btw...even at 5:45am I miss my cuddles!

Hugs to both you and Hans!

Save journey home :)


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Rumble Girl Rumble!!!

6am MST on Tue. I hope you are fast asleep and will let you heart and mind be at peace with this amazing accomplishment and your body great rest!

Can't wait for stories.
I'm in the car in 2 hours.
Love to you


lostarrow64 said...

Aloha Jacqueline
Wow, what a fantastic job of climbing these 14 peaks in record fashion. I tip my hat to you and you have set a mark for others to strive for. WELL DONE