Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mr. Florine needs a rest day!

Yesterday, I wore Hans out on Split Mountain. The man was begging me for a rest day. So , I relented and spent the day organizing, doing laundry, and swimming. Hans slept.
Tomorrow is a big day. We will be doing Thunderbolt, Starlight, N. Palisade, Polemonium, & Mt. Sill. I am feeling very strong. No damage yet. Just a wee bit of swelling in the feet. (The approach to Split is looooong and steep!) My stategy to minimize the accumulated damage from day after day of hiking and climbing has been to power walk (not run) all of the downs, no matter how easy things seem. Hopefully, I'll finish feeling great!


Jorje said...

Hey Jackie I am so proud of you. I am blessed to know you friend you inspire me. I am always thinking of you here you know where looking up at the sierra.Thoughts and prayers to you. Grind for it baby!!

FETTKE said...

Jacki - you've been on my mind (and Jim's) constantly. We hiked to the top of Briones Peak this morning (a yawn for you)and talked about your accomplishments, your plan for today, your drive and your passion. Work it. You're too legit to quit! Isn't that what you were singing on the Nose at Changing Corners? Sending tons of great energy and love to you up there. ~Rich

olga said...

Go, Jackie! We all are looking up to your adventures!

Hans Florine said...

OK, so I was tired, but J was too. Anyway I got back at her, see the report from Thursday. we climbed all five 14ers along the palisades ridge. I "punished" J, and I'm ready for more. Ha!

Jacqueline Florine said...

Hansy gets to watch the babies when he gets home tomorrow. Then he'll really be tired, again.
Thanks for the love, boys and girls.
This is such an adventure. Worth grinding for! : )